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There is no better time for positive media then now, and Swag-static Mobile Media wants to help you to live a good life. In our hands we carry an eye, ear and mouth that can feed us good and bad content, but we can always choose to do good by feeding on good. So who are we? Swag-static Mobile Media creates music with positive narrative films that influences people of the digital age to live with good values and a higher standard, calling them to stand out in a world full of noise.


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Spring 2014: THE NERD


Definition: Nerd |nərd| (noun, informal) "An intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession" : he single-handedly changed the Zero image of the computer nerd into one of savvy Hero.


The Style: The Nerd/Geek/Whiz-Kid.


Appearance: Light hair, warm skin tone & eye color.


Qualities: Glowing, vivacious, cheerful, friendly, youthful.


Good Colors: Ivory, coral, bright turquoise, warm pink, coral red and teal.


The concept is the bright colors of a sunny Spring, such as you might see in a blossoming garden. Springs should wear bright colors and avoid dark or muted colors, and high-contrast blacks and whites.



The story: 'Wisdom, better than muscle'

On a bright and sunny Spring day, in a blossoming small garden. There was a twenty-two year old, youthful woman by the name of Alfrida. Who learned and worked in this garden with a cheerful attitude, as knowledge and wisdom seemed to glow from Alfrida in all that she did.


Alfrida had four sisters who viewed her with green eyes, as they didn't like Alfrida and this forced her to spend full days out in this garden. But little did Alfrida know, all the small things that she worked on in this garden was preparing her for something bigger that would one day come her way.

One night, while everyone was asleep. A family of wolves snuck into the garden and began to eat the crops, killing some of the rabbits that Alfrida was taking care of in the garden.


When morning came, Alfrida awoke and went to the window to look out over her beautiful garden to see such destruction that the wolves had made. Devastated, Alfrida slowly backed away from the window seal and hurried down stairs to run out the house as her sisters laughed in the distance. Unable to bare the sight of all her hard work that had been destroyed, Alfrida ran back in to the house with her head in her hands and up to her room where she wept.


Soon Alfrida calmed down and she began to smile, when she started thinking about how the rabbits made her happy. Then suddenly Alfrida got an idea on how to save the rabbits that had survived from being killed next time and drive out the wolves for good. Hours went by for Alfrida, while she prepared and planned this idea into a strategy.


The next day, Alfrida executed this strategy and by night fall the wolves had returned, but never left. The next morning, when Alfrida awoke to spring out of bed to check on the garden and begin the restoration. Alfrida found dead wolves scattered all around the garden, but the crops and rabbits were unharmed.


When Alfrida's sisters found out, they laughed again and mocked her. The sisters then took photos of the dead wolves and posted then all around town, labeling Alfrida as "the wolf killer." But what was ment to be seen as images of humiliation, was actually seen as a heroic advertisement to the whole community that shared the same problem that Alfrida had solved.


When the mayor heard the news and saw one of "the wolf killer" advertisements for himself, he sent for Alfrida immediately. In the mayor's honor, Alfrida received an award for saving the rest of the town's harvest, live stock and solving the wolf problem. Then the mayor offered Alfrida a much bigger job in helping their military strategize a plan for an attack, and taking care of his 34,800 square meters garden. Alfrida humbly accepted the mayor's offer with great joy, as what her sisters ment for evil was turned to good. The End.



Wise Text: "Its better to be wise than strong, intelligence outranks muscle any day." (Prv 24:5)

The Nerd/Geek Style

All rights reserved to Joel Brown/Swag-static Mobile Media.

"Don’t change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but let God change you inside with a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to understand and accept what God wants for you. You will be able to know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect." 12:2 is what makes the heart beat for Swag-Static Mobile Media. Who are you when all is gone? Join the movement.