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"Don’t change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but let God change you inside with a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to understand and accept what God wants for you. You will be able to know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect." Ro. 12:2 is what makes the heart beat for Swag-Static Productions. Who are you when all is gone?

A Swag     Static Production




"Atmosphere determines behavior, so let us set the scene,

in a positive way to create a positive life on-stage and off."


Art Direction ~ Production Design ~ Creative Storytelling

    "Real Swag Is Birth Inside-Out!"     

History of Drama/Theater/Film Performance



Constructed sets out of anything that could be found around the house for my action figures, and told a story through them during playtime as if it were a theatrical production.



Hip-Hop 2 Devos Set 1
Hip-Hop 2 Devos Set 2
Hip-Hop 2 Devos Set 3
Hip-Hop 2 Devos Set 4
Media Head Set 1
Media Head Set 2
Media Head Set 3
Media Head Set 4
Media Head Set 5
Media Head Set 6
Media Head Set 7
VIP Entertainment News Set 1
VIP Entertainment News Set 2
Music for the Masses Set 1
Music for the Masses Set 2
Music for the Masses Set 3
Music for the Masses Set 4
Music for the Masses Set 5
Music for the Masses Set 6
Music for the Masses Set 7
Music for the Masses Set 8


Joel Brown

P.O. Box 33408
Tulsa, OK 74153

Childhood                                                                1995                                                                             1997-1999                                                  2002-2003                                 2004-now

I grew with my talent, when re-built the door of the palace in the 'Aladdin' movie with a permanent marker and out of a card board box that was for a girl in the 4th grade.

In my church youth group I had the opportunity to start a drama team, write short scripts that pertained to the pastor's sermon, act, built the sets and set the scenes for the productions. Whereas; I took an acting class in school (8th grade) that helps me to learn the craft and it allowed me to practice setting the scene more.

I became interested in directing and producing, from there I began shooting music videos and short films with friends/family on an 8MM camera.

Believing in the power of one. Joel Brown's vision is to spark a fire inside one person to ignite a wild fire in a generation for change through our character. Where we don't just want to build a good foundation, but to see Hollywood rebuilt upon a solid foundation that's based on good morals and values for the future of the entertainment industry and a generation of millennials.

To encourage, inspire, support, strengthen, design and set the scene with excellence on A solid foundation - The Living Word of God.

Studied theater and film at TCC, then worked for Griffin Communication as a production assistant. A couple years later, furthered my education at ORU in drama, theater and film performance.

My name is Joel as I am an artist and designer, with numerous amounts of experience across theater to multimedia.



Today my focus is to specialize in Film, Television, Music Videos, Drama and Fashion Shows.



I speak the English language.



I have shot for Teen Trend magazine and published my own, !dentitween magazine.



I am a highly passionate and creative individual looking to fill a need in an immediate position as a production assistant within the field of TV/Film, with the eventual opportunity of progressive growth toward a career interest in the field of TV/Film an Production Designer/Art Director.



I live in Tulsa. I have a passion for design and a love to serve people.



Art Direction ~ Production Design ~ Set Design ~ Excellent Cinematography ~ Creative Storytelling


"Atmosphere determines behavior, so let's set the scene in a positive way to create a positive life on and off the set."

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